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by Alex Calvert

August 17th, 2021

How to write a good blog post

So now that you’ve read all about how to create good content and selected the best content for your blog… it’s time to get writing!

To help you to develop the correct writing style to suit business blog posts and ensure everything you’re writing is clear, concise and informative, we’ve put together a list of things you need to remember for effective writing:

Remember your AUDIENCE

In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of understanding your audience, but its no use understanding them if you don’t remember who you’re talking to in every blog you’re writing!

It may sound simple, but it can be easy to forget who your audience is when you get into writing mode, so always be sure to remind yourself of your audience’s wants and needs as you write.

Good HEADLINES are vital

The title (or headline) or your blog needs to be written to catch the eye and interest of your readers. Have a look what people search for when they’re looking for something similar to what you’re writing about and take ideas from their headlines.

Remember to include those key words for that all-important SEO!

INTRODUCTIONS can make or break

It is often said that people get a feel of whether or not to continue something within the first few seconds of reading, so it is so important that your blog introductions are good.

Catch your reader’s attention and ensure they stick around by detailing what’s ahead whilst also keeping the information short, snappy and easy to comprehend. People get bored easily – don’t let them get bored with your blog before they’ve got to the good bits!

Keep it SIMPLE

Your paragraphs don’t need to be long-winded and waffly. Keep it short and simple so that your information is easy for the reader to process and understand. Around 500 words is enough to keep your readers engaged throughout, but there is always room for more to help give your blog higher SEO rank potential.

Using subheadings can also help simplify your blog writing; structuring your blog into sections (like we have here) will give a great flow and, also help your content stick in the reader’s mind.

Top tip! Never underestimate the power of bullet points. They’re short, snappy and to the point and are excellent for getting key points across.

Call your readers to ACTION

The purpose of your blog should always be made clear in a call to action at the conclusion of your writing.

Remember what exactly it is you’d like your readers to do once they’ve finished reading. Is it to contact you for more information? Is it to sign up for something? Is it to buy a product or service? Ensure that there is information at your blog’s outro to make this as clear as possible so that the relevant next steps are taken.

Be as HELPFUL as possible

It is important to remember that your blog is customer facing, so it is never safe to assume.

It is your job as a writer to be as informative and helpful as possible, defining any technical terms and simplifying language so that your readers are able to process everything effectively and efficiently.

Getting someone to proof-read your work (perhaps someone who isn’t as informed as you are on its content) is a very helpful tool here; that way, they can let you know if terms need to be defined or if anything is unclear.

Think about your GRAPHICS

Most blogs have a relevant image attached to signify to readers what the blog is about, but it doesn’t have to be a simple image every time.

You can include infographics, graphics and even videos with your blog posts, it’s all about questioning whether they are relevant for the topic of that particular post.

Share, share, SHARE!

So, your blog has been written and is on your website, now what? Is that enough to ensure it will be seen by its intended audience? No!

Make sure that you share your blog through your social channels to ensure it is seen by as many of your followers and stakeholders as possible. You’ve spent so much time writing it, so it would be a real shame for no one to see it!

If you would like advice on how to write a good blog post, please get in touch.

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