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by Rachel Goddard

December 6th, 2023

How to know when you need a PR & marketing agency

Are you feeling overwhelmed, constantly stretched and like you could make speedier progress with your marketing or PR? More importantly, do you wonder if you could get more results from your marketing activities and whether outsourcing or using an agency would help?

We know from working with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses, how outsourcing marketing or PR could support their business and help it to grow, but when is it the right time to consider this?

Here’s some of the biggest pain points that are often a sign that you need external support.

  1. You’re too stretched to focus on strategy

When you find yourself juggling multiple tasks, the idea of creating a marketing or PR plan can feel overwhelming. A good agency will bring a fresh perspective and take an objective view looking from the outside in, helping you to focus and create a clear plan which can be implemented together. Meanwhile, you will be free to work on other areas of your business whilst knowing that your marketing efforts will be on track to generate better results.

  1. Your marketing has become muddled or mundane

We often find companies get stuck in the day to day of doing the same daily or weekly marketing tasks, sometimes without anyone questioning their value and without a clear customer journey. Usually this is because they don’t have the time to think of new ideas or time to unravel the process.

The right agency will revitalise and ‘unmuddle’ your marketing and bring your business to life. They will question current task and activities, bring in efficiencies, up level your game and create more opportunities for your business, all whilst keeping your marketing and PR creative

  1. You’re in a content conundrum

Having the time and creativity to generate fresh, engaging and consistent content which gets your message across, can be overwhelming. Many of the companies we talk to tell us that this is their biggest challenge!

A top-notch agency will quickly understand your business, align your messages and simplify your content creation process so it not only becomes a breeze, but it will also resonate with your audiences and drive your marketing results!

  1. You’re lacking a myriad of marketing skills

The modern marketing landscape needs ‘50,000 skills’! You can’t expect your team who is social media savvy to know how to pitch the perfect press release or unravel your website!

For your marketing to be really effective, an agency can offer a diverse range of specialist skills and experiences so you can blend your expertise with theirs.

With the right agency you will be able to plug in digital and web marketing expertise, branding, PR skills, creative copy and visual content and you get to draw on different specialist skills to help you navigate today’s marketing maze.

  1. Your budget is tight and you don’t know where to allocate it for optimal results

A results-focused agency will provide insights into maximising your return on investment. Your agency must have the capability to be transparent and honest with you, showing you what is working and suggesting areas for improvement. We pride ourselves on creating open and honest relationships with our clients where we can challenge each other and discuss where it is best for our clients to spend their money in line with their marketing goals.

Take a step back, evaluate your situation, and consider the expertise an agency could bring to your business. Finding the right partner to outsource to can spark what you need to transform your struggles into success!

If you're interested in finding out more about how we work or how we can help you to elevate your PR and marketing - get in touch or book a discovery call with our senior team here.

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