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by Alex Calvert

August 31st, 2023

Don’t ask us to run a social media campaign for you…

Wait a minute. We manage social media accounts, but we won’t handle a social media campaign?

That’s right. Well at least to begin with.

Of course, social media campaigns can be brilliant, hugely effective, highly measurable and a relatively low cost means of generating results for your business.

But what are the results you’re actually wanting to achieve?

Often we’re approached by clients who want help with their social media, or feel that their social media isn’t working.

At Intandem, our approach will always be to first step back and take a more holistic, 360 view of your marketing.

We understand the pressure you might be feeling to ‘get results’ from your social media activity, to generate sales, to increase your following and brand awareness, to build engagement, but for these metrics to be truly effective, we want to make sure your efforts are aligned with your overall business strategy and goals.

Three questions to ask yourself before you start a social media campaign. 

What are you trying to achieve?

Before spending lots of time (and money!) on a campaign, it’s important to check in with your company vision. Do you know what it is? What does your social media campaign need to achieve in order to move you closer to this vision? Asking yourself this question will mean that your social media activity is aligned with your overarching business strategy and will help you to achieve your goals.

Are you talking to the right people?

There’s no point running a glossy campaign aimed at millennials, if actually your target customers are Boomers. It seems obvious, but it’s often easy to get carried away with a brilliant idea for a campaign without stopping to check if it will really land with the audience you’re aiming at. Once you’re super clear on who your target audience, you can identify the best platforms to reach them on and can be laser focused on the messages you want them to hear.

What is the customer journey?

Thinking about the complete customer journey again requires taking a holistic approach. Think about all the different touch points a potential customer will have with your business. Seeing your social media campaign may or may not be their first interaction with your brand, but either way it’s vital that your wider marketing and customer care is consistent so that your customers begin to know and trust your brand. Is your messaging consistent across all your communications channels? Does your website make it easy to find (and purchase!) what they’re looking for? Failing to convert the thousands of people that may have seen your social campaign because your website isn’t performing is the last thing you want to happen!

If you’ve got the answers to these questions and are ready to plan your campaign, or if you’re struggling to find the clarity and strategy you need to launch a really effective campaign, we’d love to help...

Get in touch with us!

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