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Wildlife Vets International

Amplifying Wildlife Vets International’s impact through communications success

The Challenge

Wildlife Vets International (WVI) is a British charity which provides critical veterinary support to international wildlife and conservation projects. It has access to world leading vets from across the UK with wildlife veterinary expertise from across a wide range of different species and is a leader in the field of wildlife and conservation medicine.  However, whilst it was able to deliver its conservation objectives in the field, it was struggling to communicate with potential donors, supporters and vets in order to generate a steady flow of income to continue  its work in the future.


Our solution? A targeted marketing & communications plan

We worked pro-bono for the charity, holding a series of workshops with the WVI team to unravel their marketing and communications plan. We reviewed their vision and values, defined their target audiences and created and clarified their key messages for each audience. With these as a base, we created a communications strategy and plan to raise awareness of the work WVI does, targeting the veterinary community, the conservation community and the general public, providing a framework for delivery by their in-house team.

“Working with Intandem helped us get a better understanding of how, what and with whom WVI communicates.

Their brilliant team steered us through the thinking that would give us a clearer understanding of who we were, who our audiences are and how we might reach them. We came away with a structure that we have continued to develop and make our own.

Our communications across the board now come from the same voice, strengthening other’s trust in us. We have seen an organic growth in followers that has resulted in a rise in income in now, or otherwise struggling, areas. We keep going back to the results of the workshops as there is plenty more work to be done from the very solid basis that Intandem helped us develop.”

Olivia Walter • Founder • Wildlife Vets International