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Lindum Turf

Establishing roots for Lindum Turf’s growth with a full-service PR & marketing approach

The challenge

Successfully growing specialist turf for over 25 years, Lindum had developed a reputation for a high range of quality, innovative grass products and wanted to expand its customer base.

What was our solution? Full-service, joined-up branding, marketing & PR approach

Taking each product, we analysed potential new markets and identified opportunities which would bring the best return on investment for each one. We reorganised the branding of the company so the products all related to the main Lindum brand and produced a new company identity.

We delivered a new web portal for all Lindum products which positioned the business as an innovative grass solutions provider. Working together for seven years, we delivered successful on and offline campaigns into the landscaping, golf, sports and green roof markets and helped the business to launch two new products Wow!Grass! and Wildflower Turf. Our work included branding, websites, SEO, PR, exhibitions and events, design and print and social media.

“Your work has provided Lindum with a long-lasting fantastic framework for marketing our products and we continue to go from strength to strength in a range of different markets as a result.”

Stephen Fell • Managing Director • Lindum Turf