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by Rachel Goddard

January 19th, 2021

2021 is here – why making time to reboot, refocus and revitalise your business has never been more important.

2020 was challenging. Whether you had a good year or a terrible year in business, it was…well, challenging to say the least. With the extraordinary pace of change that we saw, everyone had to adapt to survive. We saw companies ‘pivot’ finding new markets and new ways of working and changing faster than ever, and we were left a little frazzled and… breathless.

Here we are in 2021 and nothing is surer than the fact that we know there will be change. With change comes stress, and from what I am hearing from business owners at the start of 2021, some anxiety. The future looks uncertain, and we wonder what next? How much longer can this go on? How do we plan when there is so much chaos?

The most successful businesses last year were those which were ready to embrace change. They were one step ahead of the game and could move quickly. Taking time to plan and to think will yield huge rewards later down the line and mean you are ready for opportunities and whatever comes next. The thinking behind your marketing is really the most important part. So, don’t just do, think, and be ready for action.

To help you to get into the right mindset, here are five simple stages to help you think about your marketing, so your business can get ahead:

1. Reboot and Review
First of all – Reboot. Give yourself a pat on the back – look in the mirror and congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come! Tell yourself you’re doing an awesome job and then get a cuppa, sit down and start to Review.

Take time to reflect. You can do this by yourself or with your team. Think about what went well in 2020? What did your customers really value from your business? Is there anything you could adapt or improve to offer a better service?

What do you need to stop, start and continue in your business? This simple exercise can be a valuable tool to get things in perspective and to work out what you need to do FIRST.

2. Refocus
Looking forward to 2021. Has your market changed? Think about where your best opportunities are. Do you have new potential markets in a more ‘digital world’? Could you reach a new audience through social and digital channels? What do you need to do to adapt and refocus your business and your marketing to achieve the most success?

3. Re-engage
What about your team and your suppliers. They can be your greatest strength and often have the answers you are looking for. How are they feeling at the moment? Are you all on the same bus? Or do you need to re-establish your business’ vision and purpose?

Get off the hamster wheel for a minute and ask yourself, and them, some deeper questions, like: ‘Why do we exist?’, ‘What difference do we make?’, and ‘What difference do we want to make in 2021 to our customers, ourselves and the planet?’

Going deeper might sound scary, however you will create a much deeper emotional connection with your people if you have a shared purpose and can see the difference you make as a team.

4. Revitalise
Your business may have changed enormously, as well as the way you interact as a team and with your customers. How do you show your company in a positive light and attract new business? Is the way you look and communicate still relevant and helpful?

How does it look and feel at the moment? Be honest, and look at it as if you were an outsider. What does your brand, including your physical and digital assets say about you? Does your online presence need some fairy dust sprinkling over it?

Look at your competitors and customers. Make a list of all the possibilities and great ideas. Start to think about the ‘creative’ expression of your business and how you could ‘revitalise’ to create new energy to drive you and your team forward.

5. Realign
How can you realign your business’ communication in a joined up way with both your customers and your employees. Does it resonate with your target customers? Are you connecting with them about their issues and helping to solve problems and create opportunities for them, or does it need a revamp?

By aligning your messages and content in a joined-up way, and the channels that help market your product or service, such as your website, social media, advertising and PR, they will all work together to generate more business and deliver tangible results.

We are experts in helping to reboot and recharge businesses from the inside out. Our Marketing, PR and Content planning workshops help companies take a step back to reflect, to re-engage with their teams and customers, to revitalise and create a plan for the future.

To find out how we can help, read more about our workshops here.

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