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December 9th, 2015

“Let Hope Bloom” makes incredible difference to the Sot Nikum project in Cambodia

The ‘Let Hope Bloom’ day organised by Rachel Goddard and a team of local villagers was a huge success this summer. The villagers enjoyed a sunshine filled day of crafts, cakes and other activities to help raise funds and promote World Vision's work with Cambodian children.

The funds raised from the event totalled a fantastic £2,283.30 and we have recently learnt just how much of a difference this has made to the Sot Nikum project team in Cambodia. The donation has bought the children;

1278 Writing books
568 Pens
142 School bags
142 Sets of school uniforms

The ‘Let Hope Bloom’ team would like to extend their thanks to you all those who donated so much time, money and effort for the cause and hope that you’re delighted to see how much good has come about as result.

Rachel has sponsored a little 5 year old girl from the village in Cambodia called Ratha and we will keep you updated on her progress.

Find out more about Floral Friday at: worldvision.org.uk/FloralFriday

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