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by Rachel Goddard

November 9th, 2012

Intandem celebrates 10 years

This week we celebrate our tenth anniversary. Ten years of Intandem – quite an achievement! It’s been a roller coaster – but mainly fun, exciting and most of time fulfilling!

It’s made me think about what is was like setting up in business ten years ago and how different things are now.  Of course then we were in completely different times; pre-recession and economic crash.  It was also well before the internet ‘revolution’, which has radically altered the way we communicate and do business. In fact it is amazing to think Intandem didn’t even have a website for the first three years of trading, as we didn’t really need one.

Costs have gone up but our prices haven’t and so there has been a definite economic squeeze. A first class stamp was 27p in 2002 compared with 60p today and the average price of a litre of petrol was 69p and is now 134p and rising!

Ten years ago, while Mark Zuckerburg was enrolling at Harvard University, I was starting Intandem in the spare room of my house. It’s incredible to think that in those days I was downloading my emails by ‘dial-up’ and now we use smartphones for practically every element of running the business.

The business of communications, which is what we do, has been revolutionised by the internet and social media. News is now instant and people have become their own publishers. Reputations can be made and shattered in a matter of seconds. The ‘message’ is much harder, if not impossible, to control in this social media world.  But one thing remains the same as always; it is absolutely vital that your key messages are clearly defined, articulated and communicated consistently through all media channels. This in itself poses some big challenges and this is where we help our clients the most – defining the message and communicating effectively through the right channels to generate the best results.

Over the last decade we have worked with some great businesses and organisations and we are very lucky to have some fantastic clients who we love working with - from a national building services company and a regional estate agent, to a whole range of departments at the University of York, the National Science Learning Centre, Park Lodge Shooting School and specialist cycle shop, CycleStreet – to name but a few.

Our success is largely due to the hard work of the team and all the people who have supported us over the years. There is nothing better than the warm glow we get when we know that our work has helped our clients to be more successful, whether that’s by getting more customers, more enquiries and more income!

We also couldn’t have got to where we are now without the designers, photographers, printers and all sorts of other talented people who support us with the work we do and help us to deliver fantastic creative results.

I would like to thank you everyone – the Intandem team, our clients, suppliers and all our friends and supporters.


Here’s to the next ten years.


Rachel Goddard

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