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January 31st, 2024

My Work Experience at Intandem: Zara

Since graduating university in Marketing, I haven’t been sure about what area of marketing I wanted to go into. I was lucky enough to complete two weeks work experience at Intandem Communications, a leading Yorkshire PR and Marketing agency to help me gain more experience and understand about the industry. After completing the two weeks, I am much more confident in multiple new domains of marketing and PR thanks to the help of the team! I even managed to discover a new area of interest in PR, which has now given me a clearer understanding of what I want to do in the future.

As someone who thrives in a dynamic work environment where communication and collaboration are integral components, Intandem was the perfect place for me to learn new skills and expand on current ones. I was given a variety of tasks to complete during the two weeks which have led me to be much more confident in both marketing and PR.

One of my tasks involved creating a selection of eye-catching social media posts, for the Yorkshire Mark, allowing me to demonstrate my creativity which is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. In the fast-paced digital landscape of 2024, social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses to connect with their audience, helping me to gain a key skill to take forward into the future.

PR was a brand-new area for me and was something that I really want to understand better. During my second week, I assisted on drafting press releases and curating media lists for Intandem’s clients. This provided me with practical skills and insights that will be extremely valuable for my future career prospects. In addition, I gained first-hand experience in the intricate processes involved in crafting concise and engaging content that effectively communicates key messages to consumers.

I also enjoyed sitting in on multiple client meetings which gave me insight and understanding of the dynamics that underpin the relationship between a marketing agency and their clients. It was an inspiring experience that gave me knowledge into how client relationships are established and nurtured to guarantee mutual success. It was fascinating to observe the innovative ideas exchanged to ensure the clients' overarching visions and goals were met and further spiked my interest in the world of PR.

My work experience would not have been half of what it was without the amazing team at Intandem who welcomed me with open arms and made my time at the office even more enjoyable. Whilst doubting what my future career would look like before my time at Intandem, I can now confidently say I look forward to a career path within the realms of PR and marketing.

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