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University of York

Recruiting brilliance for University of York with a joined-up marketing & content strategy


The challenge

In a highly competitive market place, the University of York wanted to position individual departments as leaders in their academic field to attract new students.

Our solution? Market research, engaging content & strategic marketing

As a business consultancy working closely with 20 different academic university departments from Music to History, Archaeology to Maths and Social Policy to Computer Science over a five year period.

Each department was positioned differently in university league tables and wanted to attract different types of students. We researched what the students were looking for and how the department compared ‘through their eyes’. This helped academic leaders and marketing teams to understand their strengths and marketing theories, and see how to attract the highest quality students, and achieve academic excellence.

We developed new image rich web content and distinctive, individually designed brochures for the University’s Open Days. Using photography, film and case studies we brought the experience of being a student at the University of York to life to engage and inspire sixth formers and their parents.

“Intandem brought a professional and creative approach to our undergraduate recruitment.

Their work resulted in a positive response from prospective students and had a lasting impact in terms of a culture change and a deeper understanding of marketing across the University”.

Joan Concannon • Director, External Relations • University of York