Propelling York Against Cancer in to the next decade


What was the situation?

York Against Cancer, one of York’s most respected local charities, needed to stand out in a crowded market dominated by major national and local health charities. The charity, which was about to celebrate its 30th anniversary year, has grown organically over time and its communications were a little out of date.

What was our solution?

We were initially tasked with developing a marketing and communications plan, but when we undertook a strategic review of the charity we realised that it needed a unified and recognisable brand to stand out from the crowd.

Getting stakeholders on board was essential to the rebrands success so we established a ‘Brand Council’ which comprised representatives from all areas of the organisation and we also canvassed opinion from patients, fundraisers and volunteers.

Input from a wide range of stakeholders told us that the charity’s USP was around how local it was and how the charity helps local people affected by cancer. This message was refined into a new brand essence – “We’ll get through this together” – which runs through all the core values and messaging we developed for the charity.

York Against Cancer’s new brand was launched, just before their 30th anniversary year. This included a new and user-friendly website, which really drilled into the content to make it relevant and focused to several different audiences and the local community.


Here’s how we ensured the website would work effectively for them:

1. Purpose

Firstly, we identified that the main purpose of the website was to raise awareness of the charity and the services it provides with the end goal being to encourage people to donate.

2. Audiences

Then we defined the three different audiences; those who are affected by cancer, those who wish to donate and those who want to help or get involved with the charity. Ensuring that the right key messages would be found by the right people was hugely important as people who are affected by cancer need to know about the services that York Against Cancer provides, not necessarily how to donate to the charity at that point.

3. Navigation

We created clear pathways for each of the different audiences from both the main navigation bar and the home page so that visitors can easily find the areas of the website which are relevant to them.

4. User friendly

We also made sure each of the pages were broken down into easy to digest sections with click through buttons directing people to specific services or pages that may be relevant to them.

5. SEO

Next, we ensured that the website was structured in a search engine friendly way and made it easy to upload fresh, authentic content which is what Google is looking for.

6. Beyond the launch

Ensuring the York Against Cancer team could easily use the CMS for their website was important to keep evolving the site with new content. Their news and events pages are vibrant and engaging and help bring the charity to life.

What are the outcomes?

York Against Cancer’s new brand has positioned it as a professional and valuable charity that provides a wide range of services for local people who are affected by cancer. The charity had renewed confidence and a rejuvenated ‘look and feel’ in time for  its 30th anniversary year fundraising campaign, which has proved to be hugely successful.  


“Intandem Communications really got to the core of the Charity and the work we have done has gone far beyond a rebranding exercise, unravelling the last 30 years of ‘evolution’ and giving us a professional solid platform for the future as we continue to grow”

Julie Russell | General Manager | York Against Cancer

See our blog on unveiling a new brand for York Against Cancer for more information.



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