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Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of marketing and PR strategies, both for businesses within the consumer and business sector. With consumers turning to their favourite trusted influencers for recommendations and advice on what to purchase or which service to use, there’s never been a better time to integrate influencer marketing into your marketing and PR strategy.

As a Leeds based PR and marketing agency, we have experience of working with clients across Yorkshire, the UK and Europe to create influencer marketing strategies that raise brand awareness, tap into previously unreached audiences and creates authentic content.

Whether your brand wants to use influencer marketing as part of an individual campaign, event or within your overarching marketing and PR strategy, we can manage the whole process from start to finish to create the perfect influencer partnership for your brand.

Why invest in influencer marketing?

Properly managed and strategic influencer marketing used as part of your marketing, PR and communications strategy will bring you:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased website traffic and customer enquiries
  • Authentic user generated content
  • Increased trust and loyalty
  • Engagement with existing and potential customers
  • Measurable results for your investment

The Intandem Approach

We approach influencer marketing from a strategic point of view. For it to be effective and to deliver results, it needs to be aligned with your wider business goals, feel authentic to your brand and be well managed to ensure that your influencer marketing is reflective of your brand personality and values.

We can manage the whole process from start to finish! We’ll help you to select influencers that are appropriate for your brand, considering their reach, engagement and demographics.

We will create the influencers’ content briefs, draw up their contracts, and work directly with the influencer to create content that aligns with your overarching PR and marketing strategy.

We then provide detailed reports on your influencer marketing campaign’s performance, including metrics such as engagement rates, reach, click through rates and conversions.

Our strategic approach means that we may also identity other parts of your marketing and PR strategy where influencer content can be used, such as website content, press releases and case studies.

Why work with us?

Your influencer marketing will be in expert hands. We have a proven track record of delivering results within lots of different industries, including health and beauty and tourism. We’ve worked with consumer businesses across the UK and Europe to help them to reach new customers, increase their sales and accelerate their brand awareness.

We’ll make sure your influencer marketing is working hard as part of your wider marketing and PR strategy, and not just a stand-alone tactic. We are a team of marketing and PR experts that know our strategic approach will maximise the results from your investment.

We’ll integrate your PR and marketing strategies and wider marketing activity, measuring success by the overall growth and success of your business.

If you’re interested in integrating influencer marketing into your wider PR and marketing strategy, please get in touch.

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