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Whether you’re an independent food business, a food retailer or stockist, a restaurant, farm shop, experiential destination or a hotel, our wealth of PR experience, coupled with our innate understanding of the food & drink industry, will help you to create a PR strategy that really works.

Our team has a background in agriculture and farming and as the owners of provenance brand, Yorkshire Mark, we are passionate about helping food and drink businesses to thrive.

Why do you need a Food and Drink PR strategy?

A successful public relations strategy for your food & drink company will help to:

  • Build brand awareness

As a start-up, or an established business wanting to reach new audiences, PR is key to raising your business profile. We’ll work with you to develop a strategic PR plan that will get you noticed, for all the right reasons!

  • Build customer and stakeholder relations

We’ll help you to build trust in your brand and develop relationships with the people that matter to your business, whether that’s potential new customers, food and drink journalists, chefs, buyers or investors.

  • Share your story

Sharing the unique and special stories behind every great food and drink business is one of our favourite things to do – and one of the most powerful way of connecting a business with its audience! Whether you’re passionate about promoting plant-based dishes, sustainably sourcing your ingredients, or reducing food waste, we’ll help you communicate what makes you special.

  • Manage your reputation

Managing your business’ reputation is vital to long-term success. With a strategic PR plan in place, we can deliver a steady drumbeat of positive PR stories to build your reputation as well as advising you on any potential risks, and ensuring you have a strategic crisis management plan in place, should it ever be required.

How can digital PR help your food & drink business?

Digital PR is a way of increasing brand awareness using online methods. One of its biggest benefits is that it can significantly help to improve your SEO by creating third party content that’s valuable for search engines. By improving your SEO and search engine rankings, your business will reach a much wider online audience. You can read more about digital PR here.

The Intandem Approach

We know that for your PR activity to be truly effective, it needs to be underpinned by a well-thought through strategy and aligned with your wider marketing and business objectives.

We’ll always start by clearly defining the goals and purpose of your PR activity, the audiences you want to reach and what you want to say to them. We then create a focused PR plan designed to achieve both your PR and business goals. This would typically include a mix of press releases, photo opportunities, the development of feature opportunities, social media activity and internal communications.

Our holistic approach means that this plan would seamlessly integrate with your other marketing activities, driving content for your website, social media, digital marketing and beyond.

The Yorkshire Mark

Intandem Communications is the team behind Yorkshire Mark, the provenance mark for independent Yorkshire Food & Drink brands, producers, champions and ambassadors.

Through our close working relationship with our Yorkshire Mark members, we understand the Yorkshire Food & Drink landscape and how we can utilise our communications expertise to help these businesses to grow and achieve their ambitions. We’re also equally aware of the challenges and issues some businesses can face when it comes to building their brand in a highly competitive market.

To find out more about how we can help you, please book a call with our senior team here or get in touch.

Our Impact

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