Branding & Design

Your brand can be something so ephemeral yet so vital to your success.

A well designed, well positioned brand is possibly the most powerful marketing tool you can have.

It enables you to express the values and personality of your organisation and engage your audience before you have even made contact with them.

At Intandem we work to deliver branding and communications which reflect the vision and aspirations of your organisation.

We’ll talk to your customers and staff, we’ll look at your competitors and we’ll find out what makes people chose to use you. How does your organisation make people feel?

Once we’ve created a strong brand identity we will work with you to develop a communications strategy that will enable you to reach your target audience and meet your business goals.

Whether it is a completely new look and feel - or a refresh of your existing brand to give it a new lease of life, our aim is to ensure you successfully engage with your audiences.

The decision to tackle your branding can often be a daunting one but we’re here to guide through the process. We’re only a phone call away, so please get in touch.

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About Us

Intandem Communications is a PR  and marketing agency based in York. Our experienced team will help you get powerful results from your public relations, marketing and social media. We work with businesses across Yorkshire and nationwide and can help with your website, digital marketing, media relations, internal communications, market research and promotional campaigns.