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April 13th, 2018

My time at Intandem

I have been thinking of pursuing a career in PR and Marketing after I graduate from university in a year’s time. Gaining work experience in such a field is often incredibly difficult but I was keen to learn about the way in which a marketing company works. With this idea to gain some work experience in PR and Marketing I managed to get in contact with Intandem.

I have been at Intandem for the past three weeks for work experience and it is safe to say that I have loved every minute.

When I arrived for my first day I was incredibly nervous as I had never done any PR and Marketing work experience before and was unsure of what to expect. This anxiety soon disappeared when I was given my first piece of work: a press release. Writing a press release for the first time gave me the confidence to believe that I could write well.

Since starting at Intandem only a few weeks ago I feel I have learnt so much more about the career I wish to pursue. I now have the skills to create blog posts, write press releases, communicate with newspaper editors and radio presenters, and be able to give insightful input into client meetings.

Intandem has not only given me the assurance that I do want to pursue a career in PR and Marketing, it has also given me the confidence I needed to realise I am capable of doing so.

Rachel, Lottie and Alex have been so incredibly helpful in giving me guidance and support during my time here and have been patient with me whilst I learn. I have not felt like I have been on work experience but instead felt like part of the team.

by Chloe Richards
English Language & Linguistics Undergraduate
York St. John

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